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Students are at the heart of what we do

Aya Education is a leading educational services staffing company and workforce solutions provider. We take the time to understand the needs of both our candidates and clients, so every connection is a perfect match. Our collaborative approach ensures every student has the opportunity to succeed academically, socially and emotionally. Whether you’re a school in need of an experienced candidate or a school-based professional looking to enhance your career, you’re in the right place.

Positions offered

Some of the professions we offer positions for are listed below. Browse our open jobs to see all the professions we staff.

  • Special Education Teacher
  • School RN
  • School Speech-Language Pathologist
  • School Psychologist
  • School Occupational Therapist
  • School Physical Therapist
  • School Paraprofessional
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Why Aya Education?

At Aya, we’re passionate about enhancing the lives of our clinicians and educators so you can continue enriching the lives of students. We understand the complexities and challenges you face when seeking employment and are here to help you land the job of your dreams.

Every circumstance is unique when it comes to securing employment. That's why we created flexible employment options that allow you to choose how and when to partner with Aya.


Direct Placement


Tele-services provider

Your Team

Recruiter team

Your recruiter will listen and take into account your personal and professional goals so they can help you make the most of your education career. Whether you want to work close to home or explore the country — they’ll work to find a job that fits your unique needs. Register now and find out what makes an Aya recruiter stand out from other agencies.

Credentialing team

This team ensures you meet all requirements to start on time! They handle your compliance paperwork, keeping you organized and on track. Your credentialing specialist will track your certification renewals, let you know if you have any missing or expiring documentation and even set you up with appointments for TB tests, drug screens and more.

Payroll team

This team is dedicated to getting you paid on time and accurately. They’ll send a weekly text to check that your hours are correct. If you have any questions about your paycheck, overtime, timesheet or anything else pay related, they’re equipped to provide expert support.

Experience team

Exceptional experiences are the name of the game for this team. They’ll help onboard you at your new school, explaining everything you need to know about payroll, benefits, school-specific details and more. They’ll support you throughout your contract —and if something ever goes wrong, they’ll help make things right. Your happiness is their priority.

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For candidates

With access to hundreds of jobs at top schools, you can easily browse listings, review pay details and set up alerts for the perfect role - all in one place.

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For employers and recruiters

Finding the perfect fit for your school has never been simpler thanks to Aya Education. With thousands of passionate and qualified educators and clinicians signing up weekly, your job openings gain incredible exposure, allowing you to easily connect with committed candidates seeking purposeful careers in education.

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